Saturday, June 27th, 2009 at 8:30 PM:
Back to the Future (1985) at the
Bicentennial Garage

Back to the Future Poster

He's the only kid ever to get into trouble before he was born.

Biff! Crispin Glover punching dudes! The skateboard invented! Rock and roll born! Stolen Libyan plutonium! Hazmat suits! and, of course, FLUX CAPACITORS!

Come out to watch Marty McFly blast himself through a wall, while we play the sound through a six-foot Lee Jackson tube-amp stack that actually rivals it in volume!

And get this: members of the DeLorean Mid-Atlantic Club will be coming out and bringing their time machines. Get your picture taken with a gen-yoo-wine gull-wing DeLorean! Hazmat suits encouraged!

Prize for the best costume! See you there!

The Bicentennial Garage

The Bicentennial garage is the six-level parking garage right in the middle of West Chester, at the corner of Market and High streets.

We'll be up on the roof, where you can get a cool view of West Chester's rooftops, including the clock tower of the West Chester Courthouse. To me, it looks like the set you would construct if you wanted to make an open-air ampitheater expressly and exclusively for showing Back to the Future.

The Bicentennial Garage is (literally) a stone's throw (but don't try it) from a dozen great restaurants and bars, so this should be a fun, mellow evening out, with less than the usual chance of getting rained on or bitten by a snake. If it rains, we'll just walk one level down!

Oh, great, here comes the VW bus with our pizza.


What to Bring

Other Details

Map and Directions

The Bicentennial Garage is in the middle of West Chester at Market and High streets. We'll be up on the very top level; pull in, drive almost all the way to the top, park, and head up to find us!

Please let me know what I left off this page by shooting your questions to ! See you then!


Oh, man, I had a great time at the show. You can see lots of breathless gushing about how wonderful everyone was over on my blog.

A very special thank-you to the members of the DeLorean Mid-Atlantic Club for driving long distances to come out (in prom dresses!), to Jim Haigney, Ellen Peters, and Michael Estrada for collaborating on our great big new screen, to Eric Lewis for fixing my motorcycle and running the projector, and to Mike Lamprinos for building the excellent Ninja Streetlight Put-Outers that made the show possible.

Our next event in July is going to be a non-secret trip to go see Rocky Horror at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, then after that in August we'll be back to our program of "secret but not exclusive" showings!

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