For quite a number of years Google was the way to go in regards to SEO. Being placed on Google was the primary foundation to having your business found and hired.  Today Bing is becoming a bigger player in the SEO market. What does this matter to you? Ads on Google can be costly.  The adwords campaign that is just beginning can be a touch and go program. Finding the right keywords to use, to generate more business can be a trial and error process.

For example, It is averaged on the initial trial run to test 10 key words with a cost per click of $1. This means every time your ad populates on google and a consumer clicks on that ad, either on purpose or on accident, you are charged $1. With this in mind your budget should be about $1000-$2000 per month. Some keywords will be business generating, winning the most clients, and others will be lost leads. Lost leads are those potential clients that clicked on your ad thinking that you are providing one service, but really your product does not relate to their needs.  The only way to know if you have viable keywords is by spending the money to test each phrase you want to try.

Following the recommendations from this agency, once you have found the keywords that work best for your business, it is recommended to get rid of the budget. If you know that you are investing $1 in adwords and getting back $2  or $5 why would you want to put a cap on that right? But then if you get a higher return from bing why stay with Google.  Since Bing is getting 1.5 times the results that Google is getting then that $2 you made with google, now becomes $3. Or if you are getting a $5 return on investment of $1 with Google, it is a good bet that with Bing you would get an Return on investment of $7.50. 

Focusing on your budget will restrict how much you are able to get in return, if you are only willing to spend $1000 a month then using adwords, or big advertising your investment can only get so high.

SEO companies know this. So they are working to optimize listings with all search engines (if they are smart) to make your advertising budget stretch to its full capacity. Some companies have a rate from$270 a month to $1000 a month depending on what you are looking to accomplish. Some SEO companies do not do any work with Adwords. They focus their intentions on Places listings, or organic listings. Some SEO companies can actually have your listing on the first page of the search engine  within a few hours. So that $1000 you spent on one search engine, if you worked with an company there is the possibility of spending less and having more exposure working with an expert.

Spending more money does not always mean more clients.  Being on adwords does not guarantee a 100% exposure. Basically if your keywords are outbid by another company, once you are out of money, the other guys get your business. The more competitive the keywords, the more you will spend to have your ad found first.